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Convert XLS to MDB

You have the option to convert your xls file to mdb, as well as a variety of other formats, using our free online converter.

How to convert xls to mdb?

Step 1

Upload xls-file

You can select xls file you want to convert from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or simply drag and drop it onto the page.
Step 2

Select «to mdb»

Choose mdb or any of the other 200+ supported formats you'd like to convert to.
Step 3

Download your mdb file

Please wait for the conversion to complete, then click on the download button to obtain your converted file in the mdb format.

The security of your files is our priority

Understanding the importance of the security of our users' data, we have implemented a number of measures to ensure reliable file conversion without the risk of information leakage or privacy violations.

Data encryption

All information uploaded to our platform is SSL encrypted, ensuring privacy during transmission.

Safe storage

After the conversion is completed, the files are stored on secure servers for 24 hours and are automatically destroyed, excluding access by third parties.

Harmless scripts

Our file conversion tools are regularly tested for malicious code or vulnerabilities to eliminate the risk of a potential cyber attack.

Best tool to convert xls to mdb

xls to mdb Fast and easy

Simply drag and drop your xls files onto the webpage, and you'll be able to convert them to mdb or over 250 different file formats, all without having to register, provide an email address, or include a watermark.

Secure xls to mdb Conversion

As soon as you upload your xls files, we instantly delete them. Converted files are then deleted after 24 hours. Furthermore, we ensure that all file transfers are secure through advanced SSL encryption.

No Software Installation Required

You don't have to go through the hassle of installing any software. We handle all xls to mdb conversions in the cloud, which means that none of your computer's resources will be used in the process.

Microsoft Excel Binary File Format

Category🔵 documents
🔵 Microsoft Office
🔵 LibreOffice
🔵 Kingsoft Office
🔵 Google Docs
Main program🔵 Microsoft Office
Description🔵 .xls The .xls format is the default file format for spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel, particularly in versions before Excel 007. This binary file format can store data in cells organized in rows and columns, and it supports formulas, charts, graphs, and various formatting features to manipulate and visualize dataThe .xls format was commonly used in business, finance, and any field requiring data analysis and presentation but has since been largely replaced by the more advanced .xlsx format.
Technical details🔵 The `.xls` format, primarily for Microsoft Excel versions before 2007, stores spreadsheet elements like worksheets, formulas, and macros. As a proprietary binary format by Microsoft, its undocumented internal structure made third-party software compatibility challenging. This format includes binary records encapsulating data, formatting, and embedded objects, supporting multiple worksheets, various functions, and inter-sheet referencing. `.xls` files may contain Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros, enabling automation and complex calculations. It's supported not just in Excel but also in applications like OpenOffice Calc, with options to convert between `.xls` and other formats like `.xlsx`. Despite security concerns with macros, `.xls` is still used, mainly for its compatibility with older Excel versions and legacy systems, although the newer `.xlsx` format, introduced in Office 2007 with XML and ZIP technologies, offers improved efficiency and security.
Developer🔵 Microsoft
MIME type
🔵 application/


Category🔵 documents
Description🔵 The MDB (Microsoft Database) format is a standard database format used in applications developed using Microsoft Access. An MDB file is a Microsoft Access database used to store structured data. An MDB file contains data tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) modules that make up the database. MDB files can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access to the data. The MDB format is a powerful tool for storing and managing data, and it is widely used to create various types of applications, including accounting systems, inventory databases, order management systems and much more.
Technical details🔵 An MDB file contains tables, fields, indexes, queries, forms, reports, macros and VBA modules. Tables contain records, each record corresponds to a specific data format defined in the table. Data is stored based on the table structure and relationships between them, which makes it easier to organize and MDB files are used to store and manage structured data within a Microsoft application. Allow users to create, change, delete data, run queries and reports. Ability to add macros and VBA modules to expand database functionality. Ability to set a password to protect data from unauthorized access. The size of a .mdb file is limited by the physical limitations of the file system, but typically has a limit of several gigabytes. MDB files can only be opened in Microsoft Access or some specialized DBMSs that support this format.

FAQs on xls to mdb Conversion

❓ How do I change xls to mdb?
To get started, either pick a file you want to convert from xls and select it or drag and drop it into the conversion tool. Next, select the desired format that you wish to convert your file to. Once you have selected the format, click the "convert" button and wait for the tool to finish converting your file.
⏳ What is the estimated time it will take to convert xls to mdb?
Typically, image conversions only take a few seconds, so you can expect a speedy conversion when changing xls to mdb.
🛡️ Can I trust OnlineConvertFree to convert xls to mdb securely?
Absolutely! We take your security seriously, and guarantee the protection of your uploaded and converted files. No one will have access to your information since we delete all files once the conversion process is complete. You can trust that all types of conversions, including xls to mdb, are 100% safe on OnlineConvertFree.
📱 Is it possible to convert xls to mdb without having to install any software?
Yes, that's right! OnlineConvertFree doesn't require any installation, which means that you can convert any files, including xls to mdb, on your computer or mobile device, completely online.