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How to convert docx to stw?

How to convert stw to docx?
Step 1
Download docx-file
Select a file from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or drag and drop it on the page
Step 2
Select files «to stw»
Select files stw or any other format you need (more than 100 supported formats)
Step 3
Download your stw file
Wait for your file will convert and you will able to download it immediately stw -file

Office Open XML Document

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DOCX – is a standard extension that includes the test content of the document, pictures, painted objects, styles and other elements. It replaced the obsolete format .doc in 2007 and is used to work with Word documents. The format allows you to work with different content based on many tools that automate the creation and editing processes. For the correct display of the DOCX files in obsolete versions of Word, you need to install a special compatibility package. It helps to convert text content to DOC format.
Technical details
The DOCX extension is written in XML markup language and includes many document elements stored as separate files that are combined into one archived ZIP file. The appearance of such a format confirms the transition of Microsoft Office suite software solutions to the Open XML international standard. Therefore, the extension is supported by many open source applications, for example, LibreOffice Writer and OpenOffice Writer.
Microsoft Office
Kingsoft Office
Google Docs
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Microsoft Office
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