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How to convert bmp to jpg?

How to convert jpg to bmp?

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About BMP

The Bitmap image file (BMP) was released by Microsoft Corporation to be used on Windows OS. It’s mainly for storing bitmap digital images and supports alpha channels, optimal data compression, various color profiles and depths. The format often results in larger file sizes, although the pixel data can shrink through compression. Users can also expand it back or convert BMP to JPG and other formats. What’s more BMP files are compatible with major graphics editing applications and are also device-independent.

About JPG?

JPG or JPEG file format was released back in 1992 by Joint Photographic Experts Group. The format was designed because of the need to share files. Converting digital image files to JPG simply shrinks the size and might result in quality loss. However, the degree of compression is variable, accommodating custom trade-offs between quality and storage. Converting BMP to JPG is one of the common processes you are bound to require as a graphics designer.

Why convert

Many projects call for a JPG file format. Whether you need a smaller file size or simply want a versatile format compatible with all major editors, here are some reasons for converting BMP to JPG.

  • Save Storage – BMP files are large and can take a lot of space when working with multiple images. Converting to JPG will save more space.
  • Web Friendly – JPG formats are web-friendly and easy to download, unlike BMP files, which don’t download easily.
  • Lower Resolution - BMP files have a much higher resolution. JPG offers you the chance to reduce both size and resolution.
  • Easy Editing – JPG files are much easier to edit and compatible with all the major graphics editors available for designers.

How to convert BMP to JPG at OnlineConvertFree

There are various ways to convert BMP to JPG, including online and offline tools. Here’s a look at the steps for converting using the free OnlineConvertFree platform.

  1. Open Image Converter – Visit and click on ‘Convert to’ from the main navigation. Select ‘Image converter’ from the dropdown list to launch the tool.
  2. Upload BMP Image – In the new window that appears, click on CHOOSE FILE to upload your image. You can also drag and drop the file directly on the blue upload space.
  3. Convert File - Click on the small arrow beside ‘to’ and select the desired format. You can also type in the format manually on the search bar if it doesn’t appear on the shortlist presented.
  4. Download Image – Once the file conversion process is complete, you can click on the download button to save your new image in JPG format.

Benefits of using OnlineConvertFree when converting BMP to JPG

You can convert BMP to JPG using a premium offline application that requires an installation or free online tools like Here are some advantages of using OnlineConveertFree.

  • Free – The platform allows you to convert as many files as you wish for free, unlike most offline tools.
  • Swift – You can convert multiple BMP files to JPG within a short time. Each conversion takes a few seconds to complete.
  • Simple – The file conversion process is easy to follow. Simply upload image, select format, convert and download.
  • Mobile-Friendly – You can convert files on your mobile smartphone, tablet, or iPad without installing any application.
  • Online Service – You don’t need to download or install any software to use the converter. It is an online service available instantly.

How to convert BMP to JPG on Windows

You can complete BMP to JPG conversions on Windows using various tools, including Paint and Microsoft Photo Editor. Here’s how to convert using Paint.

  1. Open Paint – Use the search tool on windows to locate the Paint application and launch it. You can also click on the Windows icon and find Paint from the list of applications.
  2. Open Image – Click on FILE and select OPEN. Next, locate your BMP file and open it within Paint. You can also right click on the BMP file and open it with Paint.
  3. Save As JPG – Click on File and select SAVE AS. Select JPG as your target format and save the image in your preferred location.

How to convert BMP to JPG on Mac

Mac users can convert BMP images to JPG without downloading any software. Simply use the Preview tool which comes as a stock tool on the OS. Here’s how to get JPG from BMP on Mac.

  1. Open Image in Preview – You can double click on the BMP image and it should open in Preview. Alternatively, search for Preview from the dock then use the OPEN feature to find your image.
  2. Export to JPG – Click on FILE then SAVE AS. Select JPG from the list of options and save the file. You can use the EXPORT feature if you have an older Mac.

Converting bmp to jpg

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Microsoft Windows bitmap

Category🔵 images
🔵 Adobe Photoshop
🔵 Microsoft Photo Editor
🔵 Paintbrush
Main program🔵 MS Paint
Description🔵 BMP – is a popular bitmap file format for storing the scan-line files, presented by Microsoft experts. It is designed exclusively for single-layered scan-lines. Such files are able to have several extensions: .rle, .dib, .bmp. With the built-in support in Windows OS / 2, the extension is seamlessly opened by various applications.
Technical details🔵 The image is placed with the DIB extension, which implies the ability to determine the pixel's hue in a form that is not related to the color display method. As a result, Windows OS can display a scan-line image on any display device. The BMP files are larger because they contain an uncompressed image.
Developer🔵 Microsoft
MIME type
🔵 Image/x-ms-bmp
🔵 image/bmp

Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format

Category🔵 images
🔵 Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer
🔵 Adobe Photoshop
🔵 Adobe Suite
🔵 Apple Preview
🔵 Corel Paint Shop Pro
🔵 Most web browsers
Description🔵 JPG – is a popular graphic format characterized by a high image compression rate, which leads to a decrease in image quality. It uses the technology of encoding smooth color renditions, providing the ability to frequently reduce the amount of data during the image's recording. Because of the small size, it is requested by the owners of websites, allowing you to save the traffic effectively. It is also frequently used in memory cards of digital video cameras. The JPG algorithm is optimally suitable for compressing photographs and pictures in which realistic scenes with little contrast of colors are present. It is not recommended to use this format for compression of drawings and various kinds of graphics. A strong contrast between several near located pixels provokes the appearance of visible artifacts.
Technical details🔵 The procedure for compressing the digital images in JPG format is carried out in several stages. First, the photo is transformed into a color space YCbCr, and then it is divided into squares to determine the upper range of the color spectrum. Finally, the colors and brightness are coded. JPEG uses a "lossy" compression system and discrete cosine transform technology. The format acts simultaneously as the standard of ISO and the International Telecommunication Union. The file compression ratio is in the range from 10:1 to 100:1. In this case, the reduction in image quality can vary from insignificant to substantial.
Developer🔵 The JPEG Committee
MIME type
🔵 image/jpeg


❓ How can I convert bmp to jpg?
Firstly, select a bmp to jpg file you want to convert or drag and drop it. Secondly, select a format you want to convert your file to. Then click convert and wait until your file is converted
⏳ How long should I wait to convert bmp to jpg?
Images conversion usually takes a few seconds. You will convert bmp to jpg very quickly.
🛡️ Is it secure to convert bmp to jpg on OnlineConvertFree?
Sure! We delete your uploaded and converted files, so nobody has access to your information. All types of conversion on OnlineConvertFree (including bmp to jpg) is 100% safe.
📱 Can I convert bmp to jpg without software installation?
Absolutely! OnlineConvertFree doesn’t require installation. You can convert any files (including bmp to jpg) online on your computer or mobile.