Turkish OCR

Our conversion service can help you turn your scanned documents and images into editable files, giving you the option to choose from various output formats including Word, PDF, Excel, and Text (TXT).

How can I convert text from an image or scanned document to editable text?

step 1

Upload file

You can select a file to perform OCR on by uploading it from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or by simply dragging and dropping it onto the page.
step 2

Please choose the language and the desired output format.

Please select all languages used in your document and choose the desired output format. We support more than 10 text formats such as .doc and over 200 other formats for conversion.
step 3

Convert your file and download the result

To get your recognized text file, click on the "Recognize" button and then download it.

Optical character recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) refers to the process of electronically or mechanically converting images of printed, handwritten, or typed text into machine-encoded text. This can be done by scanning a document, taking a photo of it, capturing text from a scene-photo (such as a picture of a sign or billboard), or extracting text from subtitle overlays on images (such as those used in television broadcasts).

OCR, or optical character recognition, is a popular technology used for digitizing printed text records, such as invoices, bank statements, passport documents, business cards, and mail. It converts images of typed, printed, or handwritten text into machine-encoded text, making it easier to edit, search, store, and display electronically. OCR is widely used for data entry and machine processes such as text-to-speech, machine translation, cognitive computing, and text and data mining. OCR is a subject of research in the fields of artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and computer vision.

In the past, early versions of OCR required individual training with images of each character and could only recognize one font at a time. However, more advanced systems are now widely available that can achieve high levels of accuracy in recognizing most fonts, and can accept a variety of digital image file formats as input. Some of these systems can even reproduce the original page's format, including images, columns, and other non-textual components.

Available pages: 10
If you need to recognize more pages, please upgrade to a paid plan