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TGA file format

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TGA is commonly referred to TARGA and is a bitmap graphic file format. It is the original creation of Truevision Incorporated and it was initially created for their graphic cards in 1984 but gained popularity in its use for different platforms particularly in fields such as video editing and the creation of animations. Colour definitions of 1-32 bits per pixel are supported by this file format. Other supported colour depths include alpha channels, and compression RLE.
Technical details
The stored images range from 8 to 32 bits. The 32 bit image is a transparent 24-bit colour depth. The definition of colors that are available for the images use a palette. TGA images mainly comprise large-size files since the number of bits are used in the representation of pixels. This relies on the colour depth and that is why files in this format are large in size. Compression of such files can be done through a process of encoding and this ultimately leads to a reduction of file size.
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