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Braille Ready Format File

Category🔵 images
🔵 Duxbury Braille Translator
Description🔵 BRF (Binary Resource Format) is a file format used for storing resources, such as models and textures, for use in the video game Mount & Blade and its various mods. BRF files are binary files, meaning that they store data in a format that is optimized for efficient use of computer memory.
Technical details🔵 The BRF file format is structured in a specific way. The first 16 bytes of the file contain a header, which includes a 4-byte signature indicating that the file is a BRF file, followed by a 4-byte version number. The remainder of the file is divided into chunks, each of which represents a different resource type, such as a mesh, texture, or animation. Each chunk begins with a 4-byte identifier that indicates the type of resource it contains. The following bytes in the chunk depend on the resource type. For example, a mesh chunk contains information about the vertices, faces, and materials that make up the mesh, while a texture chunk contains the raw image data. BRF files can be created and edited using a variety of tools, including the Mount & Blade modding toolset and third-party programs. When a BRF file is loaded into the game or mod, the game engine reads the file and uses the information contained within it to display the resource in the game world.