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MAT file format

Description.mat (MATLAB File) The .mat format is associated with MATLAB, a high-level technical computing language and interactive environment for algorithm development, data visualization, data analysis, and numeric computation. MAT files are used to store variables created in MATLAB, including arrays, matrices, and other types of dataThese files enable data to be easily shared between MATLAB sessions or with other applications that support the MAT-file format.
Technical detailsThe `.mat` file format, integral to MATLAB, stores variables like arrays, matrices, and more. It has evolved through versions, notably Version 4, Version 7 (MATLAB 7.0's default), and Version 7.3, which aligns with the HDF5 standard. MAT-files accommodate various data types and support compression from MATLAB 7, optimizing file size and loading times. The HDF5-based Version 7.3 is tailored for large variables. MAT-files, while primarily for MATLAB, offer cross-version compatibility and can be accessed by other software through libraries. Their hierarchical structure suits complex datasets, making them vital in scientific, engineering, and data-intensive applications. File size and performance vary with data complexity and compression.