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INFO file format

DescriptionThe ".info" file extension is a plain text file format used to provide documentation or information about a software program, system, or device. The content of an info file typically includes instructions, explanations, examples, and references for the user or developer.
Technical detailsInfo files are commonly found in Unix and Unix-like operating systems and are often accessed using the "info" command-line tool or a graphical user interface (GUI) tool such as "infoviewer". Info files are organized into nodes, which are sections of information that can be accessed individually or linked together to provide a complete document. Info files also support cross-referencing and hypertext linking, which enables users to navigate between different sections of the document easily. The syntax of an info file is based on the Info Markup Language (IML), which is a lightweight markup language that uses simple formatting codes to structure the content of the document. The most commonly used formatting codes include headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, and hyperlinks.