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CALS file format

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DescriptionThe CALS (Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support) format is a type of raster image file format that was originally developed by the United States government for use in the Department of Defense. It is designed for the storage and transmission of monochrome and grayscale images, and is often used for technical drawings and documents.
Technical detailsThe CALS format supports a range of compression methods, including run-length encoding and CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 fax compression. It also includes a header section that contains information about the image, such as its dimensions, resolution, and compression method. CALS files have a file extension of ".cal" or ".mil" and are typically used in military and government settings. They can be viewed and edited using specialized software, such as Adobe Acrobat, Autodesk AutoCAD, or the US government's CALS Viewer.