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APNG file format

DescriptionAPNG stands for Animated Portable Network Graphics, which is a file format for animated images, similar to animated GIFs, but with better support for transparency and alpha channel. APNG is a raster graphics file format that supports both static and animated images.
Technical detailsAPNG is based on the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format, which uses lossless data compression to store images. Like PNG, APNG uses the same file structure and chunk-based format. APNG files are composed of a series of PNG frames with an optional delay between each frame to create animation. Each frame can also have its own color palette. One of the main advantages of APNG over animated GIFs is its support for 24-bit images and full alpha channel transparency, providing better image quality and smoother transitions. APNG also has the ability to play animations in a loop, pause and resume playback, and control the animation speed. APNG files can be created using various image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, which support the APNG format. APNG files can be opened and viewed using web browsers that support the format, including Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome, or using specialized image viewers and editors.