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OTF file format

DescriptionOTF (OpenType Font) is a digital font file format used to store font information for rendering text on computers and other digital devices. Developed jointly by Adobe and Microsoft in the late 1990s, it is an extension of the TrueType font format with added features and capabilities.
Technical detailsOTF files are binary files that contain information about the shapes and sizes of the characters, as well as other font metrics such as kerning, ligatures, and character substitutions. They can also contain advanced typographic features like small caps, alternate glyphs, and swashes. One of the main advantages of the OTF format is its ability to support Unicode, which allows for a wide range of characters and scripts to be included in a single font file. OTF fonts can also include both raster and vector graphics, making them suitable for use in a variety of digital and print contexts.