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HWP file format

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This is a Hanword Document formerly called Hangul Word Processor. Hangul is an alphabet used in the Korean language. This can be used to save documents written in Hangul and this has made it a popular word processing system in Korea. This word processing document contains the same functionality as several other words processing documents like text, graphics, and formatting functions.
Technical details
Changes in the HWP file format and changes in the Microsoft product line has raised questions as to whether HWP files can be opened by Microsoft products. So, OpenOffice.org can open a document from Hangul 97. However, due to alterations to the Hangul software, OpenOffice cannot open a document created after 97. Also, these alterations have made users send their works to others not knowing it cannot be opened but it can be using an online document converter.
Hancom Office
Planamesa NeoOffice
Hancom Office Viewer
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