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Category🔵 audio
Description🔵 The OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) format is a container file format used for storing multimedia content, such as audio or video, on mobile devices. It is primarily associated with digital rights management (DRM) protected content distributed by online music stores and streaming services. OMA files typically have extensions like .oma, .omg, or .dcf. OMA files use a combination of audio and video codecs, encryption, and DRM technologies to protect copyrighted content from unauthorized copying and distribution. These files are designed for playback on mobile devices compatible with OMA DRM, ensuring that only authorized users with valid licenses can access and play the content. OMA files may require specialized software or mobile applications for playback, as they may not be supported by all media players or devices.
Technical details🔵 The OMA format is a container format used to encapsulate multimedia content, including audio, video, and images. It is designed to support DRM protection, allowing content providers to control access to and usage of their digital media. The OMA format itself does not specify a particular codec for audio encoding. Instead, it can encapsulate audio data encoded using various codecs, such as AAC, MP3, or WMA. This allows for flexibility in supporting different audio compression formats. One of the primary purposes of the OMA format is to enable DRM protection for multimedia content. DRM mechanisms embedded within OMA files control access to the content and enforce usage restrictions, such as limiting the number of times the content can be played or preventing unauthorized copying and redistribution. OMA DRM-protected files typically include a rights object, which contains metadata and cryptographic keys used to enforce DRM policies. The rights object specifies the conditions under which the content can be accessed, including information about the user's rights, permissions, and entitlements.