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POT file format

Main programMicrosoft PowerPoint
DescriptionThe POT file format is the file extension used by Microsoft PowerPoint, a presentation software used to create slide shows containing text, images, audio, video and other multimedia elements. The POT format is a template file format that stores the layout and design of a PowerPoint presentation, without any specific content, such as text or images.
Technical detailsA POT file can be opened with Microsoft PowerPoint and other compatible presentation software applications. Once the file is opened, users can customize the layout, theme, and design of the presentation by adding content, changing fonts, colors, and backgrounds. The POT file format is similar to the PPT file format, which is used to save complete presentations, including the content and layout. However, the POT file format is used as a starting point for creating new presentations with a consistent design and layout. The use of template files allows users to quickly create professional-looking presentations without having to start from scratch each time.
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